Chrissie Le Marchant

travelling with patience
Trained as one of the elite Blue Badge Guides, Chrissie spends her day entertaining and informating visitors from all over the world.
“I came to guiding in a rather round about way after a career in civil engineering and countryside management. I was attracted to this as I love meeting people and I love visiting all the interesting places around the westcountry – and beyond. I’ve always been good at retaining interesting facts and it’s great to have the opportunity to share my love of the region”.

She also takes on the role of tour manager for some group, planning detailed itineraries around the region – choosing the best places to suit her customers’ interests. She describes the job as “travelling with patience” and being able to answer questions like “where’s the nearest loo” umpteen times a day. The only down-side she can think of is packing to go away and she hopes to carry one Blue Badge Guiding for years to come – meeting interesting people and discovering new facts.

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