Damien Spinks

perfect puddings

Damien is a chef at the Globe Hotel in Topsham, a 16th Century coaching inn and one of the area’s finest hotels. 

The restaurant is kept busy with residents staying in the hotel’s 19 rooms, but also with non-residents visiting this popular venue.
The day to day job is a straight forward routine of preparing everything for the dishes on the menu, ensuring that all dishes are cooked to perfection and then making sure that everything is tidy and ready for the next service. Damien specialises in the dessert menus and makes all of the hotels delicious puddings. He also has to make sure that the ingredients are all in place and this means placing orders.

“My favourite bit of the job is presenting the food. Not only does it need to taste good but it needs to look good too – it needs to make an excellent first impression. I learn something new at this job practically every day and that makes it really interesting. The split shifts are a downside but we all know that this goes with the job”.

Damien started at the hotel straight from school and the hotel has supported him through his NVQ qualifications.  Owner Liz Hodge says "Together with the other chefs he has made fantastic progress.  He is incredibly focused and I know one day he will be very capable of running his own place.  It's lovely for him to have the opportunity to go outside the workplace and encourage others through the Ambassador scheme."

Damien would like to carry on developing his career and perhaps take on more responsibility whilst continuing to specialise in puddings.

His advice to youngsters... “It's hard work but if you keep at it, you can become really successful and make it a big career.” 

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