Green Business' Top Tips

Save Money - Go Green

Why should I consider making my business more sustainable?

There are several good reasons why going green is a better way to operate as a tourism business:

  • Increased efficiency - Water, electricity and gas are some of the biggest costs for tourism businesses. With prices high, becoming more efficient will help reduce your bottom line.
  • Reduced waste - Waste is a double cost - wasted money on purchasing and wasted money on disposal.
  • Added appeal - Customers increasingly expect businesses to operate in a responsible way and will respond positively to those able to demonstrate that they have taken action.
  • Added value - Many actions that you may take to become a responsible business, such as using local products, will also add to the quality being offered.
  • More resilience - Taking action now will make you better prepared for the higher costs and tougher legislation predicted for the future, as well as the impacts of a changing climate.

How do I get started?

Click here to go to the page that shows a range of resources to help inspire you and get you started going green.

Further Support

The Green Tourism Business Scheme can evaluate and award your green credentials to help you prove to potential customers that you are making a minimum impact on the environment. They also offer advice and support. read more
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