Getting started

What is the process for joining the scheme?

Once you have expressed an interest in joining you will receive the scheme criteria documents and other information in an Application / Information pack.
You then complete the Application form and return it to the GTBS office who will invoice you for your membership fees.
A GTBS grading advisor will make an appointment with you and come to your business to assess you against the criteria.
If you have implemented enough measures you will be awarded either a BRONZE, SILVER or GOLD Award.
You will receive a plaque, full report and certificate, and relevant advice and information on new technologies, case studies, financial support etc.

How much will it cost me?
Both your joining fee and annual fee are payable in the first year. The annual fee is payable each autumn thereafter. The fee is determined by the size and type of your business, click here for full details. 
If there is more than one type of business on your site, for example B&B and Self-catering, both will need to be assessed independently and charged accordingly. However, please contact the office to discuss your situation as reduced fees are available.

The Visit
Will my GTBS Grading take place at the same time as my Quality Grading?

No. The GTBS Grading visits are undertaken by independent, qualified Environmental Advisors, not Quality Grading advisors. Your business will be revisited every 2 years for re-evaluation.

How do I prepare for a visit?
Read through the criteria and try to implement as many measures as possible. Many are simple and require little time or investment, e.g. having an environmental policy in place.
You can use the checklists provided in the criteria to record and plan your green measures. Have these checklists available for the visit so you have all the relevant information to hand for the GTBS grading advisor.
Have any other supporting evidence ready for the GTBS grading advisor to view. E.g. utility bills, invoices, technical documents and staff training procedures all help to support your application.
Advisory visits are available. Please contact the office for details of costs.

How long does a visit take?
Your first grading visit will take around 2 hours depending upon the size of the business. Re-visits take place once every 2 years and take on average 1-2 hours.

What happens during a visit?
The GTBS grading advisor will talk to you about the running of your business as well as the measures you have implemented and will look at many areas including back-of-house, offices, storage areas, kitchens, refuse areas, grounds, boiler rooms etc.
The GTBS grading advisor will make notes on the measures you have implemented and grade them during the visit. This will be confirmed with a follow up report containing advice on further measures you could implement.

How long will it take for me to be visited after I apply?
The green grading visits are always made by appointment. Visits are undertaken to be as efficient as possible to reduce travel time and emissions. You will be contacted when an GTBS grading advisor is planning a trip to your area to arrange a convenient visit date and time.
Usually you will be visited within 2-3 months of application. However, we try and accommodate requests for earlier visits, which may be required for funding purposes.

Achieving the Award
I don’t know if I am doing enough to get BRONZE – how can I make sure?

Look through the criteria. If you are doing at least two or three measures in each section and at least 30 measures in total you are likely to be doing enough for BRONZE.
If you are wanting to achieve GOLD you should aim for 5-8 measures in each section with at least 60 measures in total.
If you are unsure whether you are doing enough and would like more advice or information contact the GTBS office on 01738 632162 or email

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