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What is Visitor Gifting (VG)?
Devon’s visitors love coming back again and again and what they love most is the county’s amazing natural heritage - its coastlines, countryside and wildlife. Our customers are becoming much more aware of the environmental impact of their holidays and travel. They are also becoming accustomed to the idea of ‘offsetting’ that cost but are wary of schemes that have vague or unseen benefits.

If you can introduce Visitor gifting for your business you will be helping to build your customers’ loyalty by enabling them to support and protect the places that they visit and value.

Research has shown that visitors are really willing to help to conserve the places they visit. It also shows that your visitors will think highly of you for your involvement in such schemes. Whether the schemes are modest or ambitious, tourism businesses generally find the benefits to be substantial.
Take a look at some examples of successful schemes in Devon.

What do visitors like to support?
Your visitors will be keen to support projects that are local to you and tangible. Successful schemes are often raising money for something that visitors can see or visit, such as a local nature reserve, a stretch of footpath or wildlife boxes and viewing hides.

You may already know of environmental projects in your area but if you would like some ideas please take a look at just some of the excellent projects that are happening now in Devon.

How do I collect the money?
Many methods have been used by businesses in Devon and in other areas of the UK. You will need to choose a method that suits your business and will be supported by your staff. Here are some ideas:
- donation tins and boxes or install a wishing well
- collections at special events e.g. guided walks
- voluntary donations for ‘extras’ such as pup tents or late departures
- opt-in or opt-out donations when making a booking or paying
- a supplement added to e.g. cups of tea, local wines,
- sale of merchandise e.g. re-useable carriers with profits going to a particular project
- donation links from your website to your chosen project/organisation
What is perhaps most important is that you and your staff believe in the scheme and are happy to encourage visitors to get involved. Call us if you would like to discuss your ideas and we can let you know what has worked well elsewhere.

Win, Win, Win!

Benefits for the projects:
• funding to support conservation and environmental projects in Devon
• improved links with you and your customers

Benefits for visitors:
• a sense of ownership, pride and responsibility
• a more involved visitor experience

Benefits for businesses:
• staff involvement
• earning a reputation as a caring, responsible business
• enhanced customer loyalty



Please contact us if you would like to discuss you ideas or get some advice.
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