Water Saving

Water may be costing your business more than you think. Britain is a nation of water wasters, according to a new Defra campaign. The average household uses over 100,000 litres of water a year - that’s the equivalent of 317 pints or 150 litres per person per day!
South West Water:
Simple actions can lead to substantial savings that go straight to your company’s bottom line. It is important to monitor how much water your guests use, South West Water can provide their business customers with a range of services including free online tools for monitoring their water consumption at unit level (litres per bednight, for example).
Water Efficiency Visits -
Water Conservation Advisors can provide advice on all aspects of water efficiency and this service includes a visit to business customer's premises to look at the various points of water use. Following this, a detailed report is provided and includes findings and recommendations. There are FREE toilet minimisers available, if required - 'Hippos' to reduce your toilet flush volume by up to 3 litres and 'Save-a- Flush' - a 1 litre volume adjuster click here for further information.
Business Accounts Online -
Provides secure online access to all account & water consumption information, including a history of previous meter readings, an interactive water efficiency calculator and budgeting tool.
Water Efficiency Certification Scheme -
South West Water has become the first water company in England to launch a new certification scheme, aimed at recognising businesses that take steps to improve their water efficiency. The certificate will be awarded at basic, comprehensive and exceptional levels to recognise the water efficiency standard attained by the business.
Benchmark your water use -
You can compare your water consumption against Envirowise industry standards. click here for further details
Water Saving Tips -
For water saving tips and further information click here
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