Why Source Locally?

Devon is renowned for its excellent local produce and quality products. Experiencing fresh, quality local food, drink and products distinct to the area, gives the visitor an experience that sets Devon apart from other areas. The importance of local produce, where it comes from and how it is produced has increased considerably for tourists over the last couple of years. As a tourism business, sourcing local produce not only reinforces the quality product on offer, but is a real selling point for the visitor. Sourcing local produce also helps to:

Protect our environment

The landscape and environment reflect the way food and other goods are produced. Supporting local food and drink production can help protect the unique and distinct environment.

Lessen food miles

The more produce sourced and consumed locally, the less is brought in by road from outside the region, or further afield. This means less traffic, reduced fuel consumption, single drop offs and less packaging. Food miles are identified as a significant contributory factor to climate change, so the less our food travels, the better.

Supporting the local economy

Every £1 spent in a local shop is worth £1.76 to the local economy, it has a knock on effect of keeping local jobs and prosperity in the region.

Using the suppliers directory

As a green business, you can use this directory to find out about local suppliers and source companies that supply environmentally friendly products.  Many of those listed were provided by the case study businesses featured on this site.

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